Jane Doe

Jane Doe: "Carla"


With any helpful information please contact:
Detective Ron BREUSS, Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department.
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"Carla" (or Karla), so her possible first name, was found June 3, 1993 in Santa Clara County, on westbound State Route 152 (the Pacheco Pass highway) near Casa de Fruta.

According to Keith Hunter Jesperson she was picked up by him at a truck stop near CorningCalifornia (along I-5), strangled at a rest stop in Williams (I-5 too ) and dumped at a turnout on Route 152.

  • Her death occurred during the end of May, 1993.
  • Jane Doe was in her late thirties or early forties when found and may have abused drugs.
  • She'd never given birth.
  • Her name (per Jesperson) was Carla (could be spelled "Karla").
  • Also according to Jesperson, she claimed to have relatives in the Sacramento (California) area.
  • She was around 63 inches tall and weighed 130 pounds.
  • She had a 5 inch scar on her abdomen, likely the result of a gall bladder surgical operation.
  • She had dental work but her teeth had deteriorated, probably as the result of a long period of inattention.
  • Her clothing was typical of a transient, homeless person.
  • Most probably she was Caucasian. She may have looked kind of Latina.



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