Unidentified Bodies

Below is a comprehensive list within the County:​

  • John Doe 20-00186 (PDF)

    LOCATION FOUND: On 1/16/2020, the decedent was the driver of a Dodge Charger traveling at high speeds on the Highway 101 that lost control while attempting to exit. He collided with a pole and the vehicle burst into flames.

  • John Doe 18-02716
    LOCATION FOUND: On 10/03/2019 this 40-50 year-old Hispanic male, possibly named Javier Valencia, was found decomposed in a makeshift room inside a shed on Columbet Avenue in San Martin. The decedent is reportedly from Oaxaca Mexico.​

  • John Doe 18-02679

    LOCATION FOUND: On 09/29/2018 the decedent was found lying on the cement pathway along the 1200 block of Piedmont Road in Milpitas. The decedent was likely transient (homeless).

  • John Doe 17-03286 (PDF)

    LOCATION FOUND: On 10/15/2017 the decedent was found on a bench near the San Jose State University campus, on S. 7th Street in San Jose.

  • John Doe 16-00599 (PDF)

    LOCATION FOUND: On 02/11/2016 the decedent’s skeletonized remains were found at a homeless encampment located on Moorpark and Richmond Avenue in San Jose. The area borders Moorpark Avenue and southbound Highway 280 on ramp.

  • John Doe 98-042-002

    LOCATION FOUND: On 02/11/1998 the decedent was found on the 7th Street Ramp at South Bound Highway 280 in San Jose. It appears that he was struck by a vehicle.

  • John Doe 94-143-003

    LOCATION FOUND: On 05/23/1994 the decedent died at Stanford Hospital, being the victim of a Homicide. He was found in front of a residence at 466 Bell Street in East Palo Alto after a 911 call reporting "shots fired" near 0045 hours.

  • Jane Doe 93-154-002

    LOCATION FOUND: On 06/03/1993 the decedent possibly known as "Carla" (or Karla), was found on westbound State Route 152 (the Pacheco Pass highway) near Casa de Fruta. According to serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson she was picked up by him at a truck stop near Corning, California (along I-5), strangled at a rest stop in Williams (I-5 too ) and dumped at a turnout on Route 152.

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